About Us

The story behind Minibap is a simple story really. Two friends with two children’s brands in Dakar, Senegal decided to open a shop in which to put all of their favorite things. Sabine is the genius behind Zebra Design Mini, known for their animal trophy heads in wax prints. Annica is the creator of Bapribap, a colorful kids clothing brand inspired by life in Dakar.

The shop, which is located in the downtown Plateau district of Dakar is housed in the beautiful Ikory Gallery. It is definitely worth a visit, but we created this site for those of you who can’t always make it there. 

We have a carefully curated and ever changing rotation of products created here in Senegal as well as from other countries in the West African region. Everything is hand made, much of it is one of a kind, and every single product tells a story.